The Atlanta Botanical Gardens has a Gainesville outpost a little more than 45 minutes away from Atlanta. The big attraction this fall was a lego sculptures exhibit that we thought Mira would love.

Nothing to do with Legos, just a self-portrait

The Lego installations were incredible and very detailed. We all liked how they represented the environment and fit well within a botanical garden.

My favorite was probably this butterfly

We almost missed this little mouse

I got a chuckle out of the snake being right across from the mouse

The details on this orchid were impressive

Despite the great installations, the car nap took a toll on the little one and she still hadn't fully woken up. She was also being stubbornly un-photogenic.

Mira about to fall asleep on Mom

Lego depiction of our local woodpecker

Praying mantis rising above the grass

I suspect the Kraggle was involved in keeping this hummingbird attached

The Gainesville location is pretty small with only one short path. Even with a cranky and tired Mira, it did not take too long to walk through the park. Since we are able to read a map and Mira is not, we were able to save the best for last: the playfield with giant blocks.

Mira perked up at the prospect of building a tower

This was a very popular section and Mira made some friends by sharing her blocks and letting some of the other kids help her build the tower.

Even thought other people helped, make no mistake this was her tower. There is little that she doesn't like more right now than doing construction.

Mira is very happy about his tower

After 45 minutes of playing it was time to leave and it was time to demolish the tower.

Mira and Mommy knocking her creation over

On the way out, Mira spotted more blocks in a different area. We already built a tower with Mommy, so now it was time for her and Daddy to build a fort.