We choose to go to Scottsdale Farms for our annual pumpkin patch trip this year. While the location was closer into the city than the places we've been going in the past, the fact that it was not on any major highways made it just as much of a trek. We were glad we made the trip, they had a lot of activities for the kids, which Mira was very excited by.

Mommy the horse and Mira the pig

Mira was thrilled to find a photo board that was her height. She enjoyed being the pig in the picture, but was not to excited about the real pig that was near by.

Mira was concerned the pig was going to try and eat her

Like any extended car trip, there was a pretty long nap that took place. Mira perked up as soon as she saw the collections of pumpkins. Her favorite were the weird multicolor ones.

Mira's selection at the pumpkin patch

Mira's pumpkin picking skills were pretty good, but her wagon skills could have been a little better. I can't fault her choice for liking a Radio Flyer, but she could have found one that was a little more maneuverable. Those front wheels had seen some especially hard times.

Mira's favorite wagon loaded up with pumpkins. I felt I was hauling a tanker through the farm

Mira and Sonali in front of the Scare Crow

Like any good trip to the pumpkin patch, we finished up with a hayride. This was a nice long trip, but I think I'm getting old. Sitting on a pile of hay in a trailer is not the most comfortable thing, but Mira had fun and that's all that matters.

The three of us on a hayride