In mid-April, we loaded up our car and set out for the heart of Asheville, North Carolina to give the remodelers some space to install new flooring. Our previous trips to Asheville were more of the cabin-in-the-woods sort and we were looking forward to having a city experience.

The convenience of being in the middle of everything was amazing, especially since we were in Mira’s anti-carseat phase. Loft living with a small munchkin is doable (at least for short periods of time). Even the relatively bad weather wasn’t enough to dampen the enthusiasm for walking around town.

Walking around Asheville

Of course, with a little one and her car seat issues, we were limited to one big activity a day. Our first day we ventured out to the North Carolina Arboretum.

Mira in the quilt patch

Our attempt to traverse some of the Blue Ridge Parkway was a bust, with both bad weather and road closures. We resorted to investigating the local food and micro-brew scene instead.

On our final full day, the skies cleared and we finally made it out to the parkway and visited Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi. Some of the steeper sections of the walk up from the parking lot were too much for Mira’s little legs despite her best attempts. When she finally made it to the top she didn’t want to leave, but that might only be because of the two trailrunners she was flirting with.

Sonali and Mira at the summit