First family vacation!

We take a trip every year around Sonali’s birthday and our anniversary. There was no reason for this year to be any different!

This year, we picked quiet and dog friendly St. George Island on the panhandle of Florida and rented a nice, and slightly overly large, vacation home.

Once we took stock of what we were taking, we were glad we got the extra space. The smallest family members had the most travel necessities. Travel was uneventful. Mira napped most of the way. Ajax eventually got over sitting in the passenger section with a seatbelt and started to relax.

The trip was relaxing and activity light. All four of us ate a lot, hung out on the beach, and took naps. We decided not to take Mira into the water but she loved being out in the beach and watching the activity.

Ajax enjoyed the sand. The water was a different matter. He viewed the waves with suspicion. My one successful attempt to drag him into the waves ended with three seconds of frantic doggie paddling. The rest of the morning was spent drying off. Any further attempts to take the dog into water ended in a slipped harness and the newly unshackled dog running back to safety.

As for Sonali and I, it was a much welcome break from the hectic pace of the last few months. Having our little members of the family with us made it that much more enjoyable.

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