So first things first, thank you everyone who has supported us and wished us well over the past few weeks. Also, sorry to anyone we haven’t gotten back to. As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been a busy few weeks :)

Mira just hours after birth

Mira’s introduction was neither the stuff of romantic perfection nor the over-the-top portrayal of comedic movies. It was somewhere in the middle, but much closer to the not that perfect end of the spectrum. We had a non-emergency, but quickly planned C-section. Sonali ran a very high fever after the surgery and was not able to meet her daughter till 24 hours later.

Sonali meeting Mira for just the third time

Nothing lays waste the cliché about best laid plans like having a baby. It never works how you think it will in your mind. Our plans were to breast feed, but because of Sonali’s health, we had to make heavy use of formula early on. Even now, Mira prefers the bottle (I hope this isn’t a problem later in life).

Mira's bottle stash

Mom's best friend

Even in the very early, sleepy days, Mira’s in vitro personality was apparently out of the womb. She’s constantly moving and looking around. When she’s lying down, she practices her swim strokes. Sitting on your lap is time for power squats. Cradling her in your arms means it’s time for trunk rotations.

Practicing the swim strokes

Trying to climb Mommy

Of course, we can’t forget the vocal training she’s doing on her path to being a pop-diva.

Lung Strengthening

People say that having a baby is life-changing, but it’s hard to grasp what that really means until it happens. When you stop and think about it, it’s completely weird that we’ve now brought this adorable, amazing little person into this world.

At six weeks, she’s starting to recognize her surroundings, notably her mom and the bottle. She’s also noticeably bigger. Just when we think we’ve figured out her whims and patterns, she changes it up on us. But I think that’s the fun of being a parent.

Scheming her next plan