It’s the first morning in India. India’s first impression was much less overwhelming this time, partly because I’ve been here before and I think partly because Sonali is more American now and can understand how I feel better. We both coughed as soon as we got off the plane and commented on the horrible smell of the country. The last time, she wouldn’t have admitted that. 

The new International Terminal in Dehli was pretty impressive and modern, but doesn’t quite feel complete.  There’s lots of random empty space that looks like it should have something, but doesn’t. It’s clear that the designers have been to a theme park in America. Once you got your passport checked, you are dumped right out into a gift shop. The airport has a modern-looking parking garage, escalators and travelators. When you leave, you’re put on well lit and well paved streets. It’s much better than the previous experience where you got off the plane and just went “oh god, I’m in the third world.”

Today is going to be about getting settled in, joining the gym, and eating a lot of India food. I’m going to enjoy it, but can see myself dreaming about lasagna sometime Monday afternoon. I used the try to sleep when it’s dark and stay awake when it’s light trick on the airplane and feel about 80% jet lag free.